Wax Stick

These indispensible wax pick-up sticks have been made using a traditional recipe of beeswax mixed with powdered charoal (this makes the wax less sticky) and set onto an orangewood handle.

Perfect when flush setting, as it allows stone to be placed more accurately than is possible with tweezers or fingers.
Pick up and place tiny faceted stones with ease using this tool:
Ensure that the wax has a good fine point on the end (roll it between the fingertips to warm and shape it).
Pick up the stone by its table (the flat top facet).
Place the stone into its burred seat so that it is perfectly level.
Twist the wax stick to release the stone.

This tool is also useful when working with cabochons and most shapes and cuts of stone; if used carefully it will not transfer excessive wax on to the stone.

NB. The wax will become softer and therefore more sticky with a warmer ambient temperature!