The Jewellery Materials Sourcebook, SIGNED COPY

The Jewellery Materials Sourcebook by Anastasia Young, signed by the author.

UK edition published by A & C Black, 2008.

Please note: UK edition has measurements in both metric and imperial.

This is a visual directory to working with a wide range of materials while making jewellery. The materials range from base metals (copper,brass etc.) to precious metals (silver, gold and platinum) to natural materials (wood, bone, leather etc.) to plastics and other media (perspex, nylon, resin, rubber, porcelain, glass, textiles, paper,etc.). The result is a compendium that will appeal and be suitable for all jewellers whether they are novices or professionals.

'This is an excellent and comprehensive directory of information about all aspects of jewellery making...a very useful reference for both hobbyists and professionals.'

Craftsman Magazine (01/05/09)