Steel Flat Pusher for Bezel Setting

A steel pushing tool for setting stones. This tool is suitable for bezel, collet and tube settings made from precious metals - silver, gold, palladium.

The tool is made from high quality steel, which is perfect for setting both sterling and fine silver as well as harder alloys of gold; the type of handle fits neatly in the palm, allowing accurate pressure to be applied when setting and reducing hand fatigue. The shorter style of the pusher helps reduce slipping, and more accurately transfers force through the tool when chasing with a hammer.

This is a good general purpose setting tool, and the steel face of the tool will keep its matte finish longer than a brass tool when setting harder metals such as high alloy golds.

The face of the tool has been hand finished to a high quality, with a bevelled edge and a rough face - this helps to grip the metal and reduces the risk of slipping. The length of the steel tool has been covered with thin rubber tube to help prevent damage to your work in case of slippage.

Size of tool face: 4 x 4 mm | 5/32 in

Please note: handle styles may vary slightly from the image, but this will not affect the function of the tool.