Burnisher (Vallorbe)

A ready-to-use Vallorbe burnisher, set in a handle!

A polished oval steel burnisher with a rounded tip, set in a wooden handle. The tool itself is a branded Vallorbe 3" straight burnisher, and is made from very hard steel so that its polished surface is more durable; the handle helps to provide more leverage when working and will reduce hand fatigue and improve accuracy.

The tool has been made ready for use with the addition of a handle, and the sharp tip has been blunted and polished.

This is a tool for burnishing precious metals, particularly when stone setting. This tool is most suitable for burnishing the metal around the inside edges of flush, tube or bezel settings. Burnishers are also very useful for highlighting the edges of metal with a matte finish, providing an attractive bright contrast; they can also be used for Keum Boo (gold fusing technique).