Wax Ring Slices, Set 2

Get started making wax carved rings with these handy ready-cut slices, which are also sized.

Pack includes:
2 x purple flat
2 x blue flat
1 x purple off-centre
2 x blue centre

Choose from
Small - I (UK) / 4.5 (US) approx
Medium - M (UK) / 6.5 (US) approx
Large - N/O (UK / 7 (US) approx

Blue jewellers wax is the most commonly used carving wax as it is not too hard and has good flexibility, meaning it is less likely to break.
Purple wax is a bit harder and less flexible, so will take fine detail better than blue.

NB. Sizes are approximate, and the size of the final cast ring will depend on the design of the ring and also on the casting method. After cleaning and polishing the metal, a commercially cast ring will usually turn out pretty much the same size as the wax model.
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