Spider Salt

I found these images again recently and thought I would share. I'm taking you back to November 2008, to quite a stunning bit of displacement activity - I had just been commissioned to write my second book, so I took it upon myself to make a complex and involved piece of silverware.

So, in reverse chronology:

The finished piece - Patinated sterling silver with antique blue glass liner.


Everything finished but the chemical patination.


The Spiders are soldered on.


Deciding the final position of the Spiders.


The basic pot form is finished, as is the construction of the Spiders - just their legs need shaping and cutting to length.


Spiders formed, pot in progress.


Spiders in pieces.


Everything very much in progress. The anticlastic sections were raised at CSM where I could make as much noise as I liked; the hydraulic press forming was also done there. Shamefully, the Mustard Pot with the eye has still not been finished!